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Thread: What do you do for a living?

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    I work as a consultant at a local electronics store. But I also have a hobby which allows me to earn some extra money. I like making different hairstyles so my friends often come to me to have a haircut. I don't ask a lot of money for that - everyone pays as much as he wants. I think I should study to to do this at a professional level. Maybe sometimes I'll even write a style-related blog like mystraightener and open my own barbershop

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    I am a freelancer..i do online work..i rarely see the outside..oh my!! this life is depressing in a real friends.
    no real to pay bills though..

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    currently training to work on generators and aircraft safety equipment.
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    I am a trucker now. I think I like this job)

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    My main job is remote assistance. I help work with documentation and mail. Payment is so-so, that's why I sometimes work as a courier and play a little dice dogecoin. This may seem like a strange set, but I think it's normal for a student) I will think about good work and other conditions when I graduate from college.

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    Our family owns a small furniture store, that's what I do, actually

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    Graphic designer

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    Please tell me where there are real professionals who are strong in courseworks, tests and thesises? I`m a picky person and I am looking for pro. I think to risk and order on maybe someone already dealt with them, tell us about your experience. Regarding prices I would like something middle on the market.

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    Interesting thread! I just graduated and earning money from a fairly unknown term known as blogging. Anyway, I was saving money from my college time and finall, I am going download festival uk.

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    I work as an Fulltime Mechanic at a local Tyreshop.
    My Car Audi A4 B8 -09

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    I repair computers.

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    Sales... lol

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    I used to work as a car mechanic, now I'm retired.

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    It seems weird but I'm a gardener and enjoy my stuff.

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    I wish I could visit your underground place!
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    I'm a blogger - more info here , I've never earned anything from it before, but now I've turned on advertising in my house, and it brings me a little income. There is an option to still earn on referral links, but I do not want to do this

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