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Thread: What do you do for a living?

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    I have done many things in my life. Right now I work a lot in software development. It's a good job but it also takes a lot of time and effort. When I'm not doing that I do like to sometimes relax a bit with dice games and others. Bitcoin is a real passion of mine and I like studying that and working in that industry as well.

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    Well actually i have been working as a web designer for about 3 years in a dubai based company graduated back in 2015 and now i am planning to move to Machine Learning because the pay is much better.

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    Hello guys, in my spare time I go hunting, hello everyone who likes hunting!!
    I want to tell you about this year hunting decision and take a little advice.
    The season of this year was wonderful, I killed 36 turkeys! This is my new record =)
    This season I was very helped by the new binoculars - the ATN BinoX 4T Smart Thermal Binoculars, it's just super!!! Night vision, thermal camera, zoom all great works! I recommend you guys! Use with your traditional glass scope, BIX tech will provide the same capabilities with the aid of our Laser Ballistics app. These thermal binoculars also have an internal battery that will give you 16 hours of run time between each charge. I think it’s a toy for real hunter!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyguy View Post
    I used to work at a high-end car audio shop, but it since closed and I was jobless from March to about 2 weeks ago. Now I work at a small shop that a friend owns and we do window tints, alarms/remote starts and stereos. I was a salesman before and now I install.

    I also do porn.
    Hum, interresting. Im starting some porn tube site ( but newbee. Are you produced some adult films?

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    I worked for an airport pickup company.

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    I'm a website owner named Rocket seo and provides Miami Seo services.
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    That's a tough question. I have done many things in my life too. But it's always something repair-related.

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    I do not do much for living just little gambling with bitcoins or you could call it trading a new name for the new generation though but you do not really much money to survive anyway as if you have alot money then you will spend alot, so use Cryptocurrency Wallets to keep your all money as bitcoin so you can spend or sell those bitcoins when you need them

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    Hey guys, right now il try to bring to my life new skills.
    If someone knows anything about development.
    I am interested in mobile/app development. From a learning perspective, is it better to learn Android (like mova company) or iOS development? What is better long-term?
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    Hey guys, I'm looking for the best healthcare center in New York. The doctor prescribed for an HIV test, and I have health insurance so I'm looking for a test center where insurance accepted. I visit a website of a healthcare center, and see they offer competitive prices and confidential testing for:
    ~ HIV
    ~ Herpes 1 and 2
    ~ Syphilis
    ~ Chlamydia
    ~ Gonorrhea
    They accepted the insurance too. Anyone have any recommendation because I don't book an appointment yet.

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