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Thread: I want to lower my mk6 jetta TDI

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    Default I want to lower my mk6 jetta TDI

    I have 19 inch wheels I believe they are the oversize thickness so I don't know the exact dimensions maybe 19x9?

    This is what I want to get.
    Here is what my current setup looks like (looks like ass)


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    Coils or stay unmodified!

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    Coils to get the fitment perfect

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    If you wanna go mega low will have to get the tyre set up right

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    Coilovers. Don't waste time with springs. Once you install the springs, guaranteed you'll want more after it's done. Trust me.

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    Sounds like you're on a budget, we all are. JOM is pretty good bang for the buck. Just little more and you got coilovers.

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    You can probably get any coilovers you want because with a 19 your not going to be able to go that low anyways. You'll lower it and itll still look to high, been there done that.. Get coilovers so you can fine tune it to your needs, especially if you decide to get different wheel and tires in the future.

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