hey guys!
Has anyone worked out a definitely effective way to get the toe out of seriously cambered E46? I just installed my E46 Slideworks adj. camber arms (Australian local brand), which we modified for more camber - and mind you I also have @makemerich_bitch's custom toe brackets and I'm still nowhere near straight wheeled. I actually don't have any adjustment to move the camber (we worked out they're now good for -10 to about -20) back out without putting my old ends back in, has anyone worked out something better than the toe bracket system?

Has anyone tried to change to an E90 front end or something alike for more track? All of my camber adjustment is in the camber top and as much as it is okay, it looks strange having have a wheel hanging out at the back and no wheel hanging out at the front. Obviously wisefab is way way way too much to ask for a daily car that hard-parks. Would love to be able to have more comfort in adjustment in the front without dremelling my strut towers.

Please also note, the rear flares are front flares, cut, flipped and welded to the rear
Arms in, ZERO adjustment made.