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    Hello, guys!

    Here is a little long story short about project we have been working on.

    Years ago we stumbled on coilover issues for various cars with monolithic strut construction. Since coilovers for cars like these are not so common and are being sold for a good amount of money from famous brands with additional work required to install them, we figured out to help others aswell.

    At the start we built coilovers for our cars - Volvo 940 and BMW E30 and now we are building additional sets for sale. Coilovers allow good amount of shock travel and not bottoming out when laying frame aswell, springs are more for daily then track use, since they are about 7kg strong.

    Since the most problems are with front part of the car, at the moment we support only front coilovers, but we are working on rear suspension aswell right now.
    We are located in Riga, Latvia and can ship worldwide.
    Approximate cost for front coilovers is 400eur for a set, shipping in Europe costs about 100eur, depending on location.

    You can find out more about us on

    E34 coilovers were built aswell

    If interested, please write us on facebook, since I'm visiting Stanceworks more rarely.

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    First Volvo 740/940 coilover set for sale is finished aswell. Been using one like this on my 940 for 2 years with some harsh track abuse aswell.

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