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Thread: E34 JOMs - Which Strut Mounts?

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    Default E34 JOMs - Which Strut Mounts?

    Hello, I just picked up a cheap set of JOMs to keep me going through winter until I can buy a proper Bilstein/H&R setup in the spring after the snow thaws. I have a 1994 E34 530i Touring; I bought the wagon-specific coilover set and installed the rears easily. The fronts caused me quite a bit of trouble, though. If you look, the narrow part of the shaft is too short on the JOM insert and I cannot get to any of the threads on the strut itself. My car is currently using OE part number 31331139437 strut mounts. What strut mounts do I need to get these installed?

    EDIT: It looks like I need the 'Version 3" strut mounts. here are the part numbers:

    Strut mount: 31331139452
    Spring plate: 31331128524
    Spring Pad: 31331128523

    Once they arrive I'll let you guys know if everything fits. Wish me luck. This info might be useful to someone down the line.

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    Hey I have a CAtuned suspension if you're interested it's already cut and welded

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    "Hi, I see you just bought a set of coilovers. Would you like to buy a second set of coilovers?"

    Yeah no.

    Anyways, the part numbers I listed in the first post work great, so if you're running JOMs...that's what you'll need.
    '94 BMW 530iT

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