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Thread: Help need on Accuair E-Level system

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    Default Help need on Accuair E-Level system

    I have just installed Accuair E-level and I-level on my car few months ago. Recently i am having some sort of problem with the response on the touchpad controller. Save height on 1 and 2 doesnt response instantly and had some delay.And vice versa, from 2 to 1. It looks twithchy as it works sometimes and doesnt work.

    I have check all my general troubleshooting, no error on the touchpad, no errors on the I-level, sensors are working perfectly, comps are running normal. Everything seems normal and there are no indication of fault, Its just the response from save height 1 and 2 doesnt react immediate enough. Save height 3 (highest height) work instantly.

    Have anyone encounter this problem before? Need some help. I havent did any recalibration yet since the first one was done on the first day on installing the system.

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    Hi, what made you choose the e-level system over others? Once they let me post on here and get help choosing some bags for my e300 then I want to start looking at management systems.
    Are you happy in general with the e-level as that was my first choice.

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