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Thread: Driveshaft popping out...

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    Unhappy Driveshaft popping out...

    Hey, names Tyler from Cape Town, i'm quite new to the lowered life and its not a very big scene where i'm from so no one can give me any proper advice... just need a bit of knowledge about a problem i'm having with the driveshaft coming out on the left outer side (wheel side) by the cv (i know nothing about mechanics). I own a mini cooper s r56, lowered on coilovers that came with a set of droplinks ( image link attached with picture of car). I drove the car a few days with no problems until the driveshaft made a popping noise and got towed away... the shop ive taken it to has repaired it but.. same day after repair, it popped out again. They have now come up with the idea of making spacers to go onto the driveshaft to push it more into the cv? again i know nothing about mechanics. The wheels are 17x8, 185/35 tyres and the car is about 2 inches off the ground. Camber in front is about -1.5, camber in rear is about -4.5. If you need any other info i have not mentioned/forgotten please ask. ANY solutions that WILL fix this problem as i cant just experiment as its a daily and i don't have the funds to try different ideas. I don't want to raise it ;P

    Thanks <--- screenshot of car

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    Default Driveshaft popping out

    Ok thanks for the info, I found out that Clydes in Waterford/Pontiac does high speed balancing for around 85.00

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    Nice looking car, man. I have a similar one in red.

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