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Thread: HELP: Falken azenis pt722 stretch...

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    Unhappy HELP: Falken azenis pt722 stretch...

    Hi all,
    I'm new to this forum so if this thread is posted in the wrong area feel free to move it and let me know.

    So today I ordered some Falken Azenis PT722 tires for my car over the phone and after I ordered them I looked at some online reviews and a couple people said that they have weak side walls and aren't the best tyre.

    This has me worried as I ordered 255/35/20s for my 10" wide wheels and thus they will be stretched quite a fair bit... (obviously this is not good if the tyre has a weak side wall)

    Has anyone had any experience with these tires, especially when stretched? Should I try get a refund or will they handle the stretch fine?

    Thanks heaps!

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    Isn't 255mm about 10"???

    If these falken are not super narrow, you'll be fine...

    Also post stuff like this here...

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