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Thread: Exhaust Manifold Refinishing

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    Question Exhaust Manifold Refinishing

    Guys i've got a dilemma, over the winter months i'm going to be taking on the challenge of doing an engine conversion on my bmw e36.

    Ive got most of it all figured out. But I cannot find a solution on what to do with my exhaust manifold! The engine is a M52 B28 6 cylinder. The manifold on the engine is completely fine but the last 16+ years have taken its toll on the finish of them, bit nasty looking.

    Has anyone got a solution or know of a place/Product that can bring them back to life? Colour coding them would be the dream but the colour of my car may prove difficult to do so.

    What routes have you all gone down when doing your conversions to make it look more tidy and fresh. I considered heat wrapping them but would rather have a smoother finish if such thing can be done.

    Many thanks!

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    Ceramic coating is the way to go if you really want something dramatic. Plenty of colors and finishes to choose from. There is a chrome finish that is pretty popular in race applications. I used a black ceramic coating that acts as a heat bearer on interior and exterior of my manifold and exhaust turbine housing. It really does a great job in reducing the radiant heat transfer.

    For a more stock look you can always just have it sand blasted back to bare metal, but that will stain if any oil, or melting material comes in contact with it.

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    Get them down to bare metal, or at least uniform and smooth, and hit them with the highest temperature paint you can find.

    I used some 2000*+ header paint on a past exhaust manifold, and it held up over 3+ years of being ran like a scalded rat.
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    jet hot coating

    don't bother with anything else otherwise youll be pulling it off and doing it again...

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    Calyx or spray graphite is a good way if you want that stock look.

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    Coat them in a high heat paint and then wrap them in DEI titanium header wrap. It's got that old school race vibe.

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