So It's been a long while since I last updated my build on any forum...

But that doesn't mean I haven't been busy

In the passing years I've bought my own house and modified my garage to my liking, to be able to work on and detail cars.

I've started my own business and am now a reseller of Meguiar's cleaning products and we have expanded our business into doing home courses without any charge (based on the Tupperware principle) as well as full professional details.

What started out as a simple idea has also grown in the past year.
I started filming and photographing my car related stuff and put them up on youtube and facebook...

In this thread I'll keep you guys posted of any new uploads I do to the youtube channel, and I'll provide you guys with the links.
So please if you have the time, make sure to subscribe, like or simply drop a comment and that would be very appreciated

Youtube page:

Facebook page: