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Thread: Adding Bypass for Air Tools?

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    Question Adding Bypass for Air Tools?

    I have an Autopilot V2 and an Air Zenith OB2 connected to a 5gallon.

    Is it possible to build a bypass around the Autopilot so I can somehow use the compressor/tank to run an impact wrench or a tire inflator?

    Because whenever the car is on ACC or started, obviously the Airlift ECU kicks in. Is it possible to build something to make the end goal work?

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    All you need to do is add a air hose connector anywhere on the high-pressure side of your system. You can thread it directly into your tank or tee off the line that runs from the tank to the V2 manifold. It doesn't hurt to put a ball valve before the air hose connector, just in case the connector develops a leak.

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