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Thread: Camber for MK2 VW's

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    Default Camber for MK2 VW's

    Which are the best ways to achieve about 5 degrees camber to VW Corrado? Both front and back.

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    Front with custom camberplates up top, in the back you're gonna need to use shims on the axle.

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    This is the only way to do it


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    Yeah, in the back I also thought about camber shims or washers, but as I heard, all sort of other angles will go really off... Is it true?

    In front... it means cutting and welding the new tops of the suspension cups? Or is there any way around the cutting and welding? Camber plates that fits like OEM parts don't give so much angle and the universal ones don't fit really without cutting and welding. Or am I wrong?

    In front I have modified the control arm holes more oval, but getting 5 degrees with that way don't sound like a good idea
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    For now, I ordered H&R bolts to front which give about 3 degrees of camber. Control arm holes are more oval than in OEM, so I hope to get at least 4 degrees with that.

    In back. The only thing that could go more wrong with the camber shims is the toe? Next week I will go and take the alignment notes/paper, so I could see what my back wheel toes are doing and how much of correction could be done.

    There are different kind of shims... What do you guys prefer? Or what kind of shims for getting 4-5 degrees of camber?

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    Yesterday got my H&R camber bolts Corrado is right now in the workshop, getting rear arches fully rolled. Can't wait to install the bolts already...

    But I have a small problem. In the workshop, there is alignment bench also, but they didn't get my C on the bench, because it was too low for them. Hoped to get the specs about rear camber and toe. So I really don't know how much camber and toe I have.

    So is here somebody who have mk2 VW with ride height about 39mm (measured from the wishbone connections/bolts - most lower solid place, not plastic, wires or exhaust) and knows how much camber and toe should I approximately have in the rear? I know, that it varies, but I would like to get the fitment on point already in the off-season time.

    So anyone? About 39mm ride height... Camber and toe in the rear?

    For the motivation to answer I post one of the latest photo's of my car. Got new wheels for the next season and want to make it look more aggressive with a bit of camber

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    what about raising the rear suspension and using these?

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    That's an awesome photo of your Corrado by the way

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    Oh and one more thing, I tried all kinds of different illegitimate things to add some camber to the rear of one of my old mk3s. Every time the toe got completely messed up, and I had to remove whatever I was using

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    i had shims on mine, and even after putting on two sets and making sure it was a close as possible, the toe was thrown out.. if you put massive amounts of camber on the rear you are never going to get perfect toe (IMO) i think its best to just bite the bullet and do it.. see how it is and then if its not good enough, go back to what you had before. trial and error my dear boh

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    I saw a Canadian on instagram who had -4 degrees up front on a mk3 jetta. He said he used smaller diamater bolts going through the front strut. crazy right?!

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    Now I have 3,5 degrees in the front and 4,3 degrees in the back. Toe in front is 0,29 degrees and in the back 1 degree. Ass is literally sliding right to left or vice versa when driving on the road which is not so smooth.

    I think, it could be the toe... What toe setups you guys are using with camber? Any good ways to calculate the toe with that kind of camber? Or someone could say how much toe is the right with 4,3 degrees of camber in the rear?

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