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Thread: SW newbie from the SF Bay Area

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    Default SW newbie from the SF Bay Area

    Hi guys I'm Dyllon from the SF Bay Area. I own three 190e 2.3-16's, this one is from 1987. I'm in need of a barrel to repair a cracked inner on my OZ Racing AMG Aero 3 piece wheels. I've ended up here after a google search which turned up a for sale thread by one of your members and I need to PM him.

    Photo credit to Igor of CATuned

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    Welcome! Lovely machine, let's see more of it!

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    Wired up the city lights

    My local canyon run, favorite place to unwind

    On any given drift day

    track-tard status

    Getting clean

    Ink black with Baby Rockstar flake

    Ceramic coated headers

    Custom SS exhaust, 98db @wot, I will no longer pass the 92db sound limit at Laguna Seca but hey, it spits baby blue flames so it's all good!

    Ground Control coils

    Short dorifto vids




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    Nice ride and sound! These old Mercs are just tha bomb!

    Greetz a fellow MB enthousiast

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    dupe post
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    LOVE IT!! I have an 87 Cossie as well, not anywhere near the condition of yours... Are you using the stock engine with just exhaust mods?

    progress IS a slow process

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    Quote Originally Posted by R2dmax View Post
    LOVE IT!! I have an 87 Cossie as well, not anywhere near the condition of yours... Are you using the stock engine with just exhaust mods?
    I recognize that screenname, you're on the 190rev with the smoke silver one painted white. Stick with it, you'll get there, my car wasn't great when I first got it either, this is how it looked when I first got it, freaking ugly and broken.

    My car at one time had an ECE motor I swapped in. The extra compression made great power and a hugely noticeable bump in torque. I let a track instructor drive my car and he threw a rod by shifting into 2nd instead of 3rd and I had gone over the dogleg with him repeatedly. So now I am back to a stock NAM engine. But I am building another ECE and moving forward with EFI conversion.

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    Stuff has happened:

    Built some heimed camber arms

    drove at night

    Got some BBS RS's

    Split the OZ AMG's for refinishing

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    Damn your car is legit!
    -1987 Chrysler Conquest
    -2000 Jaguar XJR

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    Quote Originally Posted by GTShunter View Post
    Damn your car is legit!
    Thanks man! Pretty stoked on getting the BBS wheels setup.

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    Default Some updates; BBS on, new wheel project too

    Color matched my wings to the BBS RS wheels, from this...

    to this...

    Took a little trip out to the country. Only one stop light in the whole town, the rest were beautiful open roads.

    Car mileage milestones!

    Various shots

    Steering wheel collection

    Got new classic reissue plates. it's supposed to be drift-teen-v, rhyming with 16v. All people have been reading them as drift-envy, which is not that bad I guess since this car does rip up the drift events around here

    Why her name is "Dimples"

    Refinishing the OZ AMG wheels

    New wheel project, Stern Reverse Face-II

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    can a mod move this to the builds area? it's taking on more than an intro now. thanks!

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    And so the EFI starts!

    Bored out throttle body with it's new TPS

    Fuel Rail

    Idle nips

    Idle nips from the inside - I took inspiration from the vac line on the fourth intake runner

    Idle air block from Jenvey to feed the runners

    VEMS ecu

    Some test fits

    Started the EFI install

    Calibrating engine sensors

    Sensors finalized and beginning intake install

    Hollowed out air meter with some new idle tidbits

    Engine start and idles.

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