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    I'm not a big lowered type of guy but decided to try it out on my 2001 GTI since I got a great deal on a suspension and wheels.

    After about a year I decided to raise my car +some just for fun. I'll probably be picking up a second car at some point soon, that will my my slampig. Just here to browse and sell my old wheels!

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    It's raised now. I can't stand coils on a DD, I was ruining the undercarriage of my car. The day I put a pretty decent gouge in my oil pan was the day I decided I was done with low.

    I added an extra 1/2 inch to the OEM ride height using spacers in the front and wagon springs in the rear. Next is a roof basket, some lights, and mount my spare 17" wheel/tire on the roof.
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    Hello! This car looks like a baby soap)

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