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Thread: Hello from Coventry!

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    Default Hello from Coventry!

    Hello everyone! My name is Lewis, I'm 17 and i've just passed my driving test. I drive a 2002 VW Lupo SE and i love it. i aim to seriously modify this car in the future, but as you may know insurance for first time drivers in England is stupidly over priced... so modifications are a bit of a no go area... so far, i've only been able to do very subtle mods to my car, but i love it! so what better place to come for advice on how to make it better, and share my progress on it in the coming years!

    So far all i have been able to do to the Lupo is lower it 30mm on some eibach drop springs, and replaced the suzuka alloys with some 14' Passat steels, which for the meantime suit the car well, although next year i would like to replace these with some Schmidt TH lines.

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    Ugh! Nice!

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    your are from Coventry... I expect some XJ or EType...

    welcome.. Polo is fine for start !

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