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Thread: 8th gen civic slammed on 18's wheels

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    Default 8th gen civic slammed on 18's wheels

    Sup guys, I bought 18x9 +40 today and I cant seem to find any slammed civics sedan on 18's

    Could you guys show pictures please ?
    Im just wondering what it will look like slammed with the wrong wheels not rubbing while turning (if possible because i want to be as clean as possible if i ever get arrested ;D)
    I dont care about tucking the rear it's the front that i want to turn to the max without rubbing if a cop ever ask me to do it
    (my civic is a 2008 sedan if it helps)
    that's pretty much the only picture ive found:

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    google is your friend. or you could try searching on some civic forums. im pretty sure theyre are some out there. also i dont think a lot of people go for 18's with that gen. its seems like they use 16 or 17's .... atleast thats what ive seen

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