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    How's it going all?

    Last year I picked up a 71 Datsun 510 that was already SR20 swapped. She was in ok condition but needed good body work and a bunch of misc things. Some of the body issues were body lines were off, doors sagged and were off, a couple small pin hole sized bubbles under paint, shotty body work, etc. I paid top dollar to re-restore the car. This was the complete opposite type of work done from the prior owners restoration. The body and paint is nothing short of award winning quality. Body work was complete by Granite State Dyno in New Hampshire. The car had a downpipe for an exhaust, ran on e85 only, certain electrical things didn't work, etc. It's a 45 year old car so it comes with the territory. Please feel free to follow me on IG @hawt_hamm to see more on the 510 and other big projects coming.

    Current Mod list-

    -S15 Sr20 with a GT28
    -940CC injectors
    -Haltech Platinum stand alone
    -Custom 3" vbanded turbo back
    -HKS cone intake
    -Custom FMIC and BOV setup
    -Custom tune by Granite State Dyno
    -Dynoed At 340WHP on E85 and 291WHP on 93.

    -Bride Carbon Kevlar fixed backs
    -Takata 4 point's
    -Nismo short throw
    -Full autometer gauges
    -Grip royal woodgrain wheel (installed with horn button now)
    -Billet aluminum battery tie down
    -All Star race rear view mirror
    -New interior panels and gas hideaway panel

    -Full exterior restoration.
    -Media blasted
    -Any necessary body work was complete.
    -Color is Thunder Grey Metallic (with extra Metallic) This is a JCW Mini Cooper color
    -All black exterior trim
    -Complete new glass windows and windshield
    -Complete replacement window trim and body gaskets
    -New tail lights
    -Shaved side markers and antenna
    -New NOS hood and fenders
    -240Z mirrors
    -New door hinges
    -New OEM hood release and hood latch

    Drive-train & suspension:
    -Techno Toy Tuning Coilovers
    -240 5 Speed tranny
    -New axle U-joints and drive shaft U-joints

    This has been a long project so far. The car is getting it's finishing touches at the body shop and it will be off to interior. Looking to do just about a full interior with alacantara and bride material. Hope you all enjoy. I will post more pictures as I get them.



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    this looks sooo nice, how much power is it putting down?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paradi View Post
    this looks sooo nice, how much power is it putting down?
    On E85 she makes about 340WHP. I am running 93 (E85 is hard to find near me) and she makes just shy of 300WHP. Not bad for being under 2400 LBS with a driver lol

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