Hey guys, I never really post, I am definitely more of the lurking type, but I felt that this issue merited a post. As I hope most of you east coast type know, 4ngiefest is around the corner in October. Andddddd we are trying to set a world record attempt. Longest parade of BMW cars. Ever. And to do that we need money. I am terribly impatient at typing, so I shall do a liberal amount of copy and paste here, but we need money.

"4ngiefest and its participants will be attempting to break a Guinness World Record for the largest parade of BMW cars on Oct. 5, 2013.

4ngiefest 2013 Guinness World Record Attempt - Largest Parade of BMW Cars4ngiefest and its participants are attempting to break a record for the largest parade of BMW cars. The current record is held by Maren Caroline Bohl.

A total of 178 BMW Isetta cars took part in a parade organized by Maren Bohl (Germany) in Germany, on 23 August 2008.
The Isetta was a small BMW car produced during the 1950's with three wheels (two front, one back) and a front entrance.

So what exactly do we need the money for?Our planned route for the attempt is approximately 5 miles in total. Along this route, there are several intersections and traffic lights.

One of the requirements of the local police department that has issued us the parade permit for this Guinness World Record Attempt is that we pay for 12 officers for one hour of traffic control. This is not only required, it is needed to stop traffic and keep others from interrupting our parade. Without traffic control, the attempt can not happen. The total for one hour per officer is $1,500.

We must pay the county for rental of the property for the day and an additional police officer for crowd control.

We must purchase numbered decals for each participating vehicle. We're expecting around 300 vehicles.

Also, we are working on getting shirts made for each participant (if enough funds are available."

So really, this is a call for donations. None of this money is going for profit, it is all going towards the attempt and for lukemia research. So even if you are not attending, a couple dollars can go a long way! I guess a link to donate would be nice right about now


Thanks again, even if you tl;dr'd