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Thread: 2002 Turbo spec request

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    Default 2002 Turbo spec request

    Hi all,

    I have a simulation project and am lacking some data. Can anyone confirm my existing data and if known, offer figures for the missing parts? It doesn't have to be super exact, just as close as.


    1973 BMW 2002 Turbo

    • The engine maximum torque: 240
    • Overall gear ratios:
      Final drive ratio: 3.36
      1st: ???, 2nd: ???, 3rd: ???, 4th: 1.00
    • The diameter of the wheels: 330mm
    • The mass of each wheel: ???
    • The vehicle (less wheels) mass: Wheel mass required.
    • The moment of inertia of each wheel : ???
    • The vehicle frontal area: ???
    • The vehicle drag coefficient: ???
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    1990 Sterling Silver BMW 318iS - 146 bhp / 192 Nm

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    Drag coeffient = .45... it's a brick

    All I can find on gear ratios...

    Limited Slips and Gear Ratios
    The gear ratio is stamped on the driver side of these diffs on the flat area in front of
    the side cover. It will show the number of teeth on the gears. For example: 11 40 is
    11 on the pinion and 40 on the ring gear for a ratio of 3.64 to 1. If there is also a S
    stamped there the diff is a limited slip. Often the S is also painted on as well.
    The 2002 was available with a limited slip diff but very few were sold with them. So
    it’s not likely that you’ll find one. If you do it may be marked “S 40” meaning 40%
    lockup. E21 320I’s that were sold with the S (sport) package have limited slip diffs.
    All E21 limited slips are 25% lockup. Cars with 4 speeds had the 3.64 to 1 ratio
    and 5 speed cars had the 3.9 to 1 ratio. The 3.64 limited slip is nice for 4 speed
    2002’s and the 3.9 is preferred for 5 speed cars.
    Besides the ratios discussed there are a number of other gear sets available.
    Some of these are 4.22, 4.27, 4.37, 4.44, 4.75, 5.00 and others. Most of these are
    hard to find as BMW no longer will sell gear sets. We have sources for some of
    these gear sets. If you’re going racing you may need one. We can adjust the
    factory limited slip up to 50-60% lock up. Or we can prepare welded (no slip) race
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