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Thread: Whats so bad about racelands after all...

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    I hatedd on racelands before owning a set.

    I'm a Honda Civic Si EP3 owner with Koni Yellow / Ground Control suspension
    Drove another EP3 with Racelands on it, and it was quite embarrassing.
    So bouncy (that blown shock kind of bouncy) and they were new
    No dampening, was quite scary
    Even the build quality was a bit rough in my opinion.
    Tack welds were messy, and they were so much lighter than my Koni's, it made me think their structural integrity was compromised.

    I now own an e36
    Got a set of Racelands (used) for free so I installed them on the car.
    They dampen ish, and they do suffice for easy daily driving, but the rates are ridiculously soft, especially in the rear.
    The springs' rates got inconsistent and they suffered from spring sag.
    I ran the rear driver side maxed out, and the rear passenger side with the spring perch completely out, and this gave the car consistent height all around.
    My set did not leak.

    Now I'm on a set of BC's

    I personally don't think you'll ever "know" how something will be because you read it on the internet.
    Maybe it'll give you some insight, but you really have to experience it to know.
    Annoying car kids who think their very knowledgable because they spend hours on their forum doesn't mean anything if they've never actually put that information to use in the real world.
    Just because you read a DIY on installing coilovers, does not mean you've installed them before/ know how.

    Same goes to you
    We can try to explain to you how these Racelands will be in your possible future experience with them, but we're filling your mind with ideas from each end of the spectrum.
    "they're awesome for the price"
    "they're complete trash"

    I've definitely have done my share of "budget" stuff
    Trying to always get the cheaper alternative, the replica stuff, etc.
    And after sitting here and actually thinking about it; at the time I was super hyped and loved it
    but I realize now that those things all either broke, caused problems, or I simply regret getting them.

    If you get Racelands now, how long do you expect them to last you?
    They have a 2 year warranty I believe, so you can expect that, sure
    But if you don't expect them to last long, and you're going to upgrade soon
    You might as well wait.

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    Just fitted some after my tuning art ones died on me.Will report in a few weeks on it

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    it depends on what you're using said car for. daily driving their alright, they aint no cusco however. they get the job done, they lower cars nicely, their cheap, and they really dont break.

    Ive been running racelands on my current car (93 WRX Type RA drift whore) for about a year now and I love it, I also had them on a mk2 golf way back in the day. I like them, and if you get them and they arent all what you thought they'd be your only out what a couple hundred bucks?

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    Old thread but I have relevant experience.

    I bought a '03 Cobra a few years ago with a set of brand new Racelands upfront. (I thought they where Eibachs based on color). With about 800 miles on the car both shocks had blown and it was basically riding on super stiff springs. It was awful. I tossed them for some Bilstien HDs and lowering springs.

    The issue becomes the shocks themselves are not valved properly to control the actual springs. Now maybe the previous owner had to much pre-load, but it doesn't matter. You might as well just cut the factory springs, drop the car, blow out the OEM shocks/struts and buy something halfway decent later.

    Coilovers in the sub $1k range generally all suck, but Racelands and the "No Name eBays" are a waste of money.

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