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    Hey guys,

    I just relocated to Birmingham West Midlands, UK and looking to get into the scene over here. I am good friends with the photographer for Performance BMW Magazine and many other publishers and we are looking to get involved in the UK tuner scene more. I just want to get up with some members and rides over here, shows, meets, anything that has a good turnout. Always good photographs to come from anything with Darren around.

    Can you guys list out a few shows/meets and dates around these parts we could attend?

    Anyone want to get together for coffee and a free photoshoot of their ride soon?

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    Theres the Stanceworks uk meet (no. 2), i'm sure you already know of.

    Pretty good turn out. but not a show.

    27th March in milton keynes, about 1hr30 from birmingham i think..

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    We will be there!

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    If you look through the UK section, there are threads for the 3 shows I plan on a stanceworks stand.

    Hellaflush UK (Whenever I find details)
    Driftworks Awesomefest

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