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Thread: Making it Fit: Our guide to calculating all things wheel, tire, and offset.

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    appears to be broken.

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    Hey guys... sorry im sorta new to the real wheels scene.. I bought a set of BBS Rs 16'z .. They were orginally 5x100 but i bought them redrilled.. so it save me a hassle. Now im trying to rebuild the BBS im doing the stag look.. im doing the 3 inch in the rear and 2 inch in the front.. now i dont know what tires i am able to get cause since im doing a 3 inch in the back. I really want all the tires the same..

    can some one please direct me in the rite direction... just trying to make my Wiz (car) look good and give her some nice wheels....

    i was thinking mayb 205/45 but mayb somebody will have a better input...


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    Default Is this possible....

    Quote Originally Posted by hover View Post
    Thought I would throw up a few links that I routinely use for wheel and tire calculations.

    Simple Wheel Offset Calculator

    Tire Size Calculator

    Wheel and Tire Calculator

    BBS Thread for n00bs

    Tire Stretch Gallery

    Tire Stretch Utility, opens in Excel

    Handy little chart for measuring wheel ET and backspacing:

    That is all I have off of the top of my head. I know a few more, but those will get everybody started. If you need something specifically that I didn't post, then let me know.

    Hey All, just wanted to know if 18x8.5, 5x114.3 with ET/Offset +12 on front & ET 0 on the rear will fit with fender rolling or will it require fender cutting ?

    This is for 2006 Civic FD Asian Edition, cause the rim manufacturer [Leon Hardiritt, Orden Rims] is saying that Major Modification on Body & Alignment is required but they wont tell me what ?, the ET 12 will allow 2.5 inch lip space on the curb side & ET 0 will allow 3.5 on the back rim...ThanX..

    Trying to achieve like this: & this: [These are the exact rims I'll use too]

    Any help, would be good help...ThanX

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    Stretch calculator link appears to be broken.

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    Very nice chart. Everything looks correct to me.

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    Got another one for you: But after I've been tinkering with their stats, I found a couple of errors when searching for wheel sizes for our Ford Transit Connect. If you're going to use site and find an error, The contact form is located at the bottom of the page so send them your info. site is thorough, but I'm still at a loss as to what our stock steel wheels offset really is. just so I can compare to the new setup we're getting.

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