Before I go make a fool of myself on mp3car asking a question that has probably been asked a million and one times.

I am looking for a kit to replace the Elm 327 cable I have to connect my laptop to the OBDII port on my car. Don't use the laptop anymore as the iPads replaced it. Anyone use any kit with their iPhone/iPod/iPad to connect to their cars? From what I can see there are 2 main ones,

goLink which is ~$100 and PLX Kiwi Wifi or something at ~$130 and is wireless, although you also have to buy the software.

Griffin are also bringing out one, but that looks more Economy based than code reading / live data reading.

Read the Kiwi is a little slow on live data which is making me swing for the goLink, but thats quite an early release still and rumours of a new one coming out soon.