I've had these wheels and tires sitting in my room for a month because it's difficult to let them go. I purchased them from a seller in Latvia this spring for my 1991 MB 300CE. I planned the whole build out and waited for all the parts to arrive from around the world. Got everything on the car and dialed in only to get rear-ended at a stoplight 10 days later. The car had $8,000 of damage to it and I ended up with a herniated disc in my back. No damage to the wheels or tires obviously, but they now are no more than very expensive paper weights to me.

I paid $2,800 for the wheels and another $400 for the tires. I want a quick easy sale so I'm listing them for $2,500. The wheels were just professionally refinished by the seller I bought them from. Full disclosure, I screwed up when testing everything out. W124 Mercedes have an off center steering rack which believe it or not causes clearance to be different on either side. I mounted one of the front wheels, spun it, saw it was good and assumed the other side would fit the same. I was wrong. It rubbed the inside of the wheel lip with the threads of the coilovers ever so slightly. It stripped the black paint off of the lip on the inside(you can't see it, but I'm not about surprises). The other thing that I'm not going to spring on you is the fact that the wheels need to have threads put in for the centercaps to stay on. The bolts aren't gripping the soft aluminum in the hole. This is an easy fix.

Now for the specs:

17x8.5 et 29 fronts 5x112(8 inch barrel)

17x9.5 et 16 rears 5x112(8 inch barrel)

2x Nankang NS-25 tires 215/45/17

2x Nankang NS-25 tires 235/40/17