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Thread: WTS: 1969 RHD Nissan Bluebird "Whitebird" / Eastcoast

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    Default WTS: 1969 RHD Nissan Bluebird "Whitebird" / Eastcoast

    size=150]Located in Southern VA[/size]


    This rare and exceedingly unique 1969 Datsun Bluebird four-door sedan, is for sale. I am the second American owner who has steward this amazing car for nearly five years since importation in 2007. It started life as a Nissan Bluebird Deluxe with an L13 with a column shifter. It has since been transformed into a reliable Japanese HOTROD with tasteful modifications that always gains attention wherever it goes! I have all receipts for work done under my ownership along with the import paperwork and full wiring diagram for all electrical upgrades. Highlights are in the bulleted list below, followed by a fully detailed description of the car.

    • S13 SR20DE engine with matching 5-speed transmission. New crank seals, stage 1 clutch/flywheel, driveshaft, 2.25” stainless exhaust, and LSD Clutch Differential
    • BMW E30 Projector Headlights
    • 1969 Bluebird Coupe Pot Cast Grill and C-Pillar Badge
    • 1968 SSS Instrument Cluster
    • Authentic SSS Fender Mirrors
    • BMW E30 Recaro front seats with 3-point seat belt
    • Formula One wheels (JDM Panasports) on 185/60/14
    • Custom “Whitebird” badging, CNC’ed from billet with the body pins
    • 19 gallon aluminium fuel tank with stock 300ZX in-tank pump, mounted in the stock gas tank location
    • CV axles (no more U-Joint/on wanted negative rear camber/highway vibrations)
    • Troy Ermish (he installed them himself!) Front Disc Brake Kit on adjustable coilovers
    • A working Heater
    • Right-Hand Drive!

    Driving video:

    As seen in various publications:

    Whitebird also drives really well. It has the power to keep up with modern traffic, 3.9 gears to keep the revs reasonable at speed (80mph is 3500rpm), and a flat cornering stance. The specs may suggest it is softly sprung, but the car rides nicely on the highways yet doesn't wallow on the nice stuff in the canyons. There's also a full trunk and an accessible rear seat.


    Whitebird sports some rare bits on the outside, including the new-in-2007 SSS fender mirrors (replacing stock panel fender mirrors); the 1969 Bluebird Coupe “cast” grill; SSS grill, c-pillar, and rear panel badges; custom “Whitebird” fender and trunk badges; green factory tinted glass; and the JDM taillight garnish panel.

    The body is clean and straight. This car has no bodywork issues and does not appear to have ever been hit. The paintwork remains in good condition however there are some small areas of paint scratching. Due to the light paint color, these scratches are hard to see from even five feet away. There is also paint chips in a few places as this car was driven regularly.

    Almost every vintage car imported from Japan has some rust, and this car is no exception. However, there is no active rust. The leading edge of the hood underside had some rust and was repaired in Japan and painted before the car left the country. There is also a small areas underneath the front doors that have cracks/damage from poor jacking history (just a guess) that have displayed a small amount of rust effects. These have not spread since my ownership. There is no active rust or damage to the exterior panel anywhere else on the vehicle.

    All exterior brightwork trim is complete, accounted for, and in good condition for its age. The bumpers (as shown above) have shiny chrome but are showing rust in the bumper seams (what you see is what it looks like from 5 feet). Taillight chrome trim shows a little rust as well.

    Low-beam headlamps have been changed for BMW projectors with a separate, relayed and fused harness. All exterior lights work.


    The interior also sports some rare bits. The stock instrument cluster has been replaced with a 1968 SSS instrument cluster. The steering wheel is a Z-car unit, but with the ultra-rare 1968 JDM SSS horn button which is different from all other years of JDM SSS 510s. The dash pad is original, complete, and uncracked. BMW E30 Recaro front seats have been installed, are fully adjustable, are totally comfortable and supportive, and are in mint condition. Driver’s side seat rails have been lowered 1.5 inches to accommodate the larger Z-car steering wheel. What’s more, the vinyl pattern blends in almost perfectly with the rest of the car – only those in the know will know they aren’t stock seats. Even the stock AM radio works!

    The rear bench seat is in mint condition. Four new OE-style seat belts were purchased and installed in 2007, with the front seats getting retractor belts. Headliner is original and in good condition. The dome light works, and the lens has been replaced with a later clear lens for additional light. Many SR installations remove the heater – but I am happy to report that the heater in this car is fully functional. Being JDM, the rear passengers get armrests on the doors and all passengers get roof-mounted grab handles.

    The original carpet has been replaced but not before all the old sound deadening with removed, floors inspected/cleaned (no rust) and new sound deadening added. Coco floor mats made to cover the carpet and keep the light grey nice and clean.


    When the car arrived to the USA it was sporting the original L13 engine and three-on-the-tree manual transmission. Whitebird has been extensively modified from that base car, yet looks stock…until you open the hood. A very low mileage S13 SR20DE engine was sourced and installed with the matching 5-speed transmission by the previous owner. A white 3-speed shift knob was installed to pay tribute to the original trans. All gears work, no gears crunch, trans never pops out of gear, etc.

    The original build by the previous owner can be seen HERE in a well documented 72 page forum thread. (

    The SR starts, goes, and stops like you would expect an EFI Nissan engine. The engine was wired using the CAN/AM fuse and relay box, so the 510’s wiring remains stock and troubleshooting any potential wiring issues with the engine harness will be very easy as the CAN/AM box is also labelled. I will include appropriate wiring diagrams for the harness and CAN/AM box.

    Cooling is supplied through a large upgraded radiator with an electric fan to keeps the engine temperatures cool even on HOT summer days. Fan is on a temp sensor with a cooldown timer to no need to worry and when its turns on or off.

    Other drivetrain upgrades include a custom downpipe and 2.25” stainless, mandrel-bent exhaust system. CV axles have been installed instead of the stock u-jointed halfshafts, including top-shelf Lobro CV joints. With the transmission properly installed and the CV joints at the back, there are no vibration issues in this car at freeway speeds (80mph+).

    Differential was upgraded to a period correct Clutch Style LSD unit in 2017 with the same 3.9 ratio. Clamps down hard and works wheel. Keep in mind that like all old school clutch of that error sometimes you can feel binding and clunks as very slow speeds. I have had the differential inspected before install and serviced along with CV axles twice since my ownership to confirm no damage to spines by Datsun specialist shops. It is just a “clunky diff” is what they tell me.

    Suspension & Brakes

    Whitebird’s suspension has also seen its fair share of upgrades. Up front the T/C rod bushings have been replaced with an Experimental Engineering T/C kit with aluminium and UHMW cup and socket pieces. Tokico blue strut inserts were installed. A custom, adjustable 7/8” front sway bar was made. Sitting on Ground Control coilover collars are A2 VW GTI aftermarket progressive-rate springs. Estimated average spring rate is 150in/lb.

    At the rear, Tokico blue shocks match the fronts, as does the cut and shimmed D50 springs to attain a comparable 150in/lb spring rate. The rear also sports a matching 7/8” adjustable sway bar.

    Front brakes were upgraded to Troy Ermish Wilwood Disc kit fitting to the stock 510 struts. The legendary Datsun guru installed them himself back in 2016 with braded steel lines for extra clamping consistency. Rear brakes are aluminum finned drums. Parking brake works very well with no slop.


    The electrical system is largely original and unmolested. A non-Datsun flasher switch was installed in Japan with a tangle of blue wiring. It only works with the right combination of standard light knob on, high beam column toggle bar engage and then flasher switch activated lol. Stock, clean, solid fuse box with no issues. All lights (headlights low/high, turn signals, fender lights, instrument cluster lights, dome light, tail lights, glove box light, engine bay light) work perfectly. All interior switches work. Wipers work perfectly.

    Headlights have been upgraded to BMW projector housings with 5006 bulbs and put on to an aftermarket relayed and fused harness, triggered by the stock headlight plugs. An Optima red top battery has been relocated to the trunk and power runs forward to the engine bay via 0/0 welding cable. Electric fan is triggered automatically and supplied power by a relayed harness.


    There are no problems with this car. Start it up and drive it.


    This is a 50-year-old car. Of course there are some…quirks.

    The SSS instrument cluster has a few issues. The clock does not work. The oil pressure gauge does not work. I have a NOS oil pressure gauge for the early dash that I will include. The tach works, as does the speedo. The speedo is not currently calibrated to the SR trans, diff, and tires, so it reads high, and it is also rated in kph, not mph. The amp meter is not hooked up but does function. I haven’t hooked it up because I don’t need an arc welder under my dash!

    Ignition key holder/ring sometimes spins when you turn the key to start up. Nothing wrong with the device it is the O-Ring that doesn’t grip well. Give it a bit of forward pressure or just hold the back (easy access) and good to go.

    Passenger side door lock pull broke and has a silicone cap on it. Didn’t want to remove the door card and break something. Can barely tell and lock works just find along with the passenger still being able to pull the plastic rod up or push down as needed.

    The gas tank indicator reads low as the needle runs out of travel distance to accurately display the increased sized. This means at “F” to HALF it will travel its full length, however at “E” you probably have another half a tank to go before its actually empty. Additionally, it baffles clink at low speeds and it is audible inside the car. You can’t hear the baffles over ~25mph or so, and it isn’t a bothersome noise, but it is there at certain speeds and low fuel.

    Vibration does happen in the steering wheel during feather braking while driving faster than cruising speed. Brakes stop fine, no noises and no vibrations if you engage fully or firmly. Vehicle still has manual brakes with a slave/master cylinder however the idler arm design does not absorb the vibration well. My next upgrade was going to be an idler arm rebuild with a polyurethane bushing and aftermarket steering brace to strengthen the system. I have participated in multi road rallies, long drives, sprinted runs and many inspections with no actual damage to brakes or steering. It is just a quirk I am use to now.

    Parts Included

    Spare Open 3.9 Differential
    Center Console (good condition but not a perfect fit will tunnel fab)
    Original Chrome Bumper Overriders
    Original Front Brake setup
    NOS Oil Pressure Gauge
    Rear Seat Belts
    Spare, new “Whitebird” fender/trunk badge
    Engine and CAN/AM box wiring diagrams
    Mint JDM 1969 SSS Bluebird four-door brochure
    Copy of the original JDM export certificate

    2007 Honda Fit Turbo > sold
    1986 190e 2.3-16v Cosworth > sold
    1969 Datsun 510 4 Door > Sold
    1988 Honda CR-X > Storage
    1970 BMW 2002 > Sold
    1969 Nissan Bluebird > Garaged

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