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Thread: Needs Some Help on Lip size for OZ Gallileo IIIs

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    Default Needs Some Help on Lip size for OZ Gallileo IIIs

    So my 2014 Volvo s60 is slowing turning from my daily into a fun project. I picked up a set of vintage 19in O.Z. Gallileo IIIs on facebook marketplace for dumb cheap. I'm now considering slamming this bitch on coils and widening these Galileos. However, I have no idea what I should widen them to. Here some photos of the rims along with some shotos on 235 35 19 tires on the rear. If anybody has suggestion on lip size (I would prefer to keep the stock barrels) it would be greatly appreciated. Also, one of the wheels has a fuckin huge gouge tigh through the OZ logo (the others are almost perfect) how should I consider fixing this? Just smooth over all the logos or is there a way to fix the logo? For reference these are 19x8 +46

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