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Thread: Hello from Australia, building a bagged w114 Mercedes

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    Default Hello from Australia, building a bagged w114 Mercedes

    Hi guys as the title says I'm going through the process of installing air bags on my 1973 280 w114.

    I've just been going through it over the last couple of months for a road worthy.

    New carb, it had a 350 Holley conversion done by the previous owner, I just put a reconditioned one on it.

    I'm going to run 15inch bundts on it.

    I wanted to do something alittle different with the boot setup, so I went for a live edge timber slab with epoxy resin centre, to mount all the components to.
    I'm running an Accuair e-level rideheight management system with i-level. I want to get it engineered and use it as a daily driver.

    Thanks Ron
    God bless
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    Welcome! Looks like it will be a sweet build once complete!

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    This has potential. Lots of it. I wish I had the energy to bag my W123.

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    Just keep on working at it slowly, eventually it will get there.
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    Thanks guys.
    Here is a picture of the hard lines I'm working on.

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    Welcome, love these old planning on bagging my r107 one of these days... Will have to get some inspiration out of your build!

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    Welcome! Looks like such a nice projec! Classic car! keep us updated on your progress please!

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    Welcome fellow Aussie! Absolutely loving the work you have done on the boot setup!

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    Thanks guys.
    Will keep you updated.
    Slow but steady .

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