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    I just bought an entire set of 19x8 OZ Galileo IIIs for my Volvo s60 off facebook for only $200!!! They are cosmetically quite rough and I know for sure at least 2 of the lips are bent. If I have a tire shop put the wheel on a balancer, will they be able to tell me if the barrels are okay? I know I definitely want to make them a tad bit wiser, but if I can re-use the barrels that would be great.

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    They should be able to.., usually bends can be seen when put on a balancer.

    You can check that youself too, slowly roll them on a flat surface and watch for woobles in an vertical fashion.
    Or put a pipe tru the center bore and spin it, watch lip or barrel edge...

    Hard to explain, you'll know when you see it...

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    I was seriously considering this car before I decided on Audi. Audi won for me with overall looks and and Quattro over 4motion. The VW is a good looking car. Iím one of the very few left that likes sedans and was excited to see an automaker introduce a new flagship sedan. I hope it finds its niche, but Iíve not seen one on the road yet. Have any of you?
    What the fuck are you going on about? This dosent even remotely match the thread topic...

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