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    So after contemplating and keeping this account on standby for a few years, I have finally decided to start the most dull Peugeot 206 thread on stance works.
    I present to you a 2008 Peugeot 206 1.4 8v Phase 2 Look spec. The car is chose over a mk1 1.0 Arosa in red. And in an odd way, I'm glad I got this.

    IMG-20190629-051845 IMG-20190629-051855

    Yeah, it is a Peugeot, and yes, paintwork is a little rough. However, its black, which was one of the main criteria for my first car. It had 62,000 miles on the clock, and apart from a/c not working and balding tyres, it was mechanically sound. Interiors in decent nick too, and the Brazilian man who sold it had left the head unit and speakers. Oh, and it has pop out windows.

    But for 400 quid, I am a happy chap. Plus insurance was kinder to me than it would've been with the Arosa. And I don't think a 1.0 Arosa can do 57mph in second gear :)

    Now as I'm writing this, I have had the car for a couple months now, just been putting off actually writing something. So in summary, here is what I've done to it.


    Got the aircon sorted first weekend of ownership. Simple re-gas is all it needed, and I can confirm it is still working to this day superbly.

    I don't really know if I should count this one, but I got bored and decided I wanted to tint my side indicators, only to get them nicked recently. Also got my btec usdms in, because I didn't know how to do it properly. All it was is a 501 amber bulb instead of the normal sidelight bulbs.




    Looks alright if you squint. The headlamp bulb retaining clip was missing because the Brazilian man had HIDs in the car, so a quick Halfords trip got the headlights pointing straight.


    And now for something more interesting. I purchased some JOM Bluelines off ebay and decided to attempt to install them on a Tuesday evening in an Asda car park. Armed with some tools and a hammer we to set to work, and after 2 hours and 24 minutes, I can confirm I did not drive away with a lowered 206, but on a standard height 206 with a freshly knocking anti roll bar link.


    Essentially, we couldn't get the anti roll bar link off the shock, and had nothing to cut it with. However, I have now ordered new anti roll bar links, and will be getting new top mounts to mate up with the coilovers. But all that is coming soon, seeing as I don't actually have any time until a couple weeks from now.

    While I was trying to put the coilovers on, I snapped the hubcaps with a hacksaw, so I thought I'd run the steelies without any caps. But the black was looking tired, so I thought I'd bring a couple friends along and spray them the original black like they once were. I'd say it freshened it up a bit, although it still looks shit. Also got a kill all wipers kit on, now it looks rather plain at the back. Oh well.


    So yes, thank you for reading this very interesting story and progress of a black Peugeot 206 1.4 8v Phase 2 Look spec. Until next time.


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    Off to a good start this, looking forward to seeing it with the coilovers fitted!

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