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Thread: 1999 M3 Vert Techno/Mulberry (1 of 37)

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    Default 1999 M3 Vert Techno/Mulberry (1 of 37)


    1999 BMW M3 Techno Violet on Mulberry. (1 of 37) *
    Purchased 7/4/14 Approx. mileage at purchase: 108214
    Current Mileage: 129,7xx

    Purchased from Roberti Auto in Kingston New York. At the time of purchase I was told that the top was replaced 3 years earlier.

    110,xxx (Needed none of this, done just for peace of mind)
    - Full oil change with filter (BMW) 5w-40 synthetic
    - Sway Bar links
    - LED Plate Lights
    - Water Pump
    - Thermostat with new housing
    - New Belt
    - New spark plugs
    - Full coolant flush with distilled and BMW Blue
    - New expansion bottle + cap + level sender
    - New Roundel

    111,xxx ( Pickup up a local older model Remus exhaust, removed square tips for titanium )
    - Remus exhaust fit with new gaskets

    115,xxx ( 1 ABS sensor failed, replaced all, Brake service, Fluid Service )
    - 4 ABS Wheel sensors
    - Rotors, Pads, Wear sensors all around
    - Trans/Diff Fluid

    116,xxx ( Wanted to remove clutch fan before it blew as it happened on my other E36 )
    Installed mishimoto e-fan and controller

    117,xxx ( Battery Died and Check engine for 02 )
    New Battery
    Downstream 02 x2

    120,xxx ( Top control rod ball broke off, Bent old top motor, Reman. Top motor and re welded the pivot on)
    New (reman) top motor + repair top control rod

    124,xxx ( Lines started leaking so replaced it all )
    Power steering reservoir
    Power steering cooler line
    Power steering return line
    BMW fluid


    128,xxx ( Stopped charging and heater didnt work, Reman bosch Alt. and new final stage res.)
    New (reman) Bosch alternator
    Final stage resistor
    Painted calipers

    Aftermarket Items:
    -Remus Exhaust w/ titanium tips
    -Inpro clear taillights
    -AC Schnitzer foot pedals
    -AC Schnitzer type II (18x8.5)
    -15mm F 20mm R spacers
    -Interior LED lighting
    -LED license plate light
    -Mishimoto E-fan w/ Controller
    -(Included Not installed) Z3 short shifter and all bushings

    This car was only ever used if the weather allowed the top down and no winter driving during my time of ownership. Oil changes were done every 5k with BMW filter and Liqui Moly 5W-40. Car has been extremely reliable but sadly I was just informed that I need to move for work and i currently have 4 cars.

    Currently the car has two slight issues. The shifter is slightly tight/clunky as of late which I attribute to aged bushings. That's why included but not installed is a brand new Z3 short shifter ( ~30% reduction ) and all corresponding bushings. Secondly was lowering the top, the tension straps are a little weak and sometimes you need to give the top a nudge to clear the tonneau cover so it doesn't hit. Top still functions fine fully automatically. Other then that the car does have some minor paint imperfections which i've done the best of my ability to photograph all of them.

    You can email me directly at:
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    New link for photos:

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    so clean! glws!

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    still for sale?

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    Sorry this is sold, Editing now to read that...

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