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Thread: OZ racing 17" Breyton 35 faces

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    Cool OZ racing 17" Breyton 35 faces

    Selling very rare centers.

    Manufacturer OZ Racing p17 Breyton 35 holes.
    Centers after polishing. Then they were painted under the factory type.
    Automotive paint, not powder, original central caps M242, excellent condition, ready to be installed on cars.

    PCD 5.120 on BMW.
    Central bore (DIA) 72.6.

    The centers is located in St. Petersburg, Russia.
    Sending is possible in Russia by any transport company.
    International delivery via EMS Russian Post.
    Pickup is welcome.
    Price $ 1000 per set, without bargaining

    Delivery and all associated costs at the expense of the buyer.
    FbCrwrAd5Cfo.jpg fGz1bprqwC24.jpg Hsr-Crnnw5m4.jpg ysPvrdHpubEQ.jpg Yo9ordR9ouR8.jpg
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    Hello, do you still have them?

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    Looking as well

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