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Thread: Please recommend a shop to paint some wheels

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    Default Please recommend a shop to paint some wheels

    Looking for a really nice, simple paint job on some BBS that are in nice shape. Not powder coat. Who would you trust?

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    Getting my RH ZW4's refinished, polished and powder coated clear by Global Tire. There a chain I think I go to one in Lawrenceville, GA. Real reasonable and great results.
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    I've been browsing SUV/CUV's over the past few months and I've noticed that almost all of them come standard with 18" wheels, but the upper level trims come with 20" wheels. Why?

    Reading through all the discussions, posts, comments, etc., I get the feeling that the 20" wheels are preferred. I'm assuming that it is an appearance thing. Personally, I've never really noticed the difference in wheel size unless I was specifically looking for it. Even then, I couldn't pick a car on the road and say, "ooh that car has 20 inch wheels!"

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    i would look up some rim repair shops in your area.i have a few in my area that rebuild and power coat can also get these wheels powered coated too

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    Any pictures of rimes, have you found a place where to paint them?

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