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Thread: Hello from Austria - Audi 100 C1 '70 Project

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    Default Hello from Austria - Audi 100 C1 '70 Project

    Hi guys,
    my name is Dominik, I'm 23 years old and I'm from Austria.
    I know Stanceworks since a long time but I've never created an own account, whyever... but finally, I have one

    Now to my cars.
    This was my previous car. An Audi A4 B8 Limo.
    It's already built back to original and sold.

    Now I drive an Audi A3 8P as a daily, which I want to leave stock.

    As project car, I have an Audi 100 C1 '70 2-door.
    I was searching for a very long time to get this car, because they are already pretty rare, until I finally found one in my neighbour country: Germany.
    When I found it on the internet, I knew I have to buy it. So I made my way to germany and had about 16 hours of trailer-fun.
    That's how it looked when I picked it up:

    Good condition for a 49 year old car. Only a few things to weld. Paint is not the best, probably has to be painted new in the future, but for now completely okay.
    It was lowered with H&R coilovers, but to get austrian registration documents, it has to be completely original, so I've assembled the original suspension. Way too high of course, but I will change that in the next time.

    A few days ago I've got the registration documents - a historic registration in austria.
    So the fun can begin. I will start a building thread in the next days, that you can follow the journey of this car.
    Hear you soon!

    - Here's the Build-Thread: Audi 100 C1 '70
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    Hello, this is Viacheslav from Russia. This car is very nice!

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