I have a Vera Elite Air management kit forsale. Used less than 1000 miles.
It come with everything except the water trap. no tank or compressor. just the management.

location Charlotte, NC

asking $720 shipped.

pm or email: thaoc @ hotmail.com if interested.

more info from the site: https://veraair.com/product/vera-elite-management/

The Elite management system is a pressure based full digital management with LCD display, user defined font and background colors. Features include three user programmable presets, rise on startup, programmable setting parameters and compressor/voltage error alerts. Available smartphone Bluetooth controller (sold separately)

– Digital controller with 2.4” LCD display, three presets and individual side

– 8 Solenoid valve block

– Five pressure sensors

– 2nd Generation kit features upgraded wiring/connectors, enclosed valve block, SMC fittings and improved circuitry in pressure sensors and control unit.