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Thread: We're Back!

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    Default We're Back!

    Hey guys,

    Sorry for the full week of downtime, and the couple-week leadup of problems to it.

    I was unaware we were having a problem displaying new posts, and upon chasing that issue, it opened a can of worms.

    Thankfully, we're back in action, and I believe everything should be working fine. Let me know if you guys encounter any issues.

    A special thanks to Seb, who helped bring this bad boy back to life.

    We may be migrating to some new forum software in the coming weeks, to bring this place into the 21st century, I'll keep everyone in the loop.

    Thanks for your patience and your support, as always.


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    Just in time, Facebook is broken!
    Or so I hear.

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    Just doing some clean up maintenance to make sure we repair any broken threads.

    We're going to work towards getting off of our current hosting solution and move towards a more robust tech stack. This should alleviate any down time and performance issues.

    What this does mean though, is moving away from vBulletin together. Albeit it is one of the premiere forum solutions (vBulletin 4 was released in 2009) it is old news.
    We will most likely be moving towards an open source solution that utilizes 201x technology allowing us to keep up to date and provide a decent mobile experience as well.

    I know some people will find this a difficult transition, but it is necessary for us to continue to support the StanceWorks forum as a whole.

    I'll continue to update this thread with updates about what is going on. Sorry about the downtime guys!
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