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Thread: SWLA9B2.099 introducing.

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    Default SWLA9B2.099 introducing.

    Hello everyone

    The name is Robin occupation warrenty technician.

    And since of today owner of a 99 LA9B cool white 2.0 beetle. The last couple of years I've been driving other brands, but as former BMW en VW technician I got back to the two brands I like the most.

    Beside the daily beetle I got 2 other cars

    Daily Renault twingo 1 from 2000 micro car short term project.
    And a Bmw e36 318i from 1992 long term project.

    The beetle will be a small drivable project.

    Pictures will follow soon of all the 3 cars.


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    Picture time the 3 cars I was talking about

    The beetle

    The twingo

    And the last one long term e36.


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    Thanks quite fond of the beetle as a former vw technician but the bmw drives so nice with stock suspension twingo is the winter banger

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    Thanks messers

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