Hi SW crew,

I joined ages ago but have just been a lurker. Time to get involved.

Owned a ton of cars over the years - Datsuns, Nissans, Toyotas, Mitsubishis, VWs and others I forget about.

Looking for a new thing to build this year but it will be tricky. It has to satisfy my need for speed and looks, my wife's need for being auto and easy enough to drive, and have enough room for my kid's stuff.

Current plan is to get into a Golf R wagon (DSG). Probably head down the path of an ABT downpipe + ecu, then plan to lower it on coilovers combined with air cups. Wheels (or spacers depending on if I can get the 19" Pretorias) and roof box may be happening too.

Anyway, keen to continue lurking/slowly contribute and hopefully share some more build info soon.