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    Anybody knows which wheel is this?


    I'm looking for a 4x114.3 version. Can also be similar. What I like about it are the details around the lip and the way the spokes join the rim. This is what makes it somewhat different from a run of the mill 5 spoke wheel. And also that it is concave in shape. Anybody knows what it is or of something extremely similar? Thanks.

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    Those are Mille Miglia Evo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KyleAnderson View Post
    Those are Mille Miglia Evo.
    Thanks. Anything similar? Can't seem to find them in the 4 bolt pattern I need. They seem to be a discontinued model as well. So my only chance is finding used and it doesn't seem likely.

    But I'm not looking for ultra expensive wheels though. This is for a project car.

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    Mille Miglia

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