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Thread: Mini R56 daily with a side of Automotive Anxiety

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    Default Mini R56 daily with a side of Automotive Anxiety

    What's up everyone, I've been a long time lurker of SW for years and recently created my own account, but never even stopped in here to introduce myself. My name is Alex, 23 from Kansas City and currently daily a bagged R56.

    20180603_180603_polarr by Alexander Hamby, on Flickr

    It is my only car as of now but that should change in the next week as I am looking to get a 3rd gen (MAYBE 4th gen) 4runner to use on a more daily basis, along with some crawling and camping trips.

    Here are a few links to some threads I've already created before I made a proper introduction

    My mini:

    Photog Thread:

    Friend's Drift Middle LS swap thread:

    Random showrooms:

    I titled this the way I did because anxiety hits me hard when it comes to this hobby. I find it ironic that our hobbies bring us joy and relaxation but I am constantly going back and forth with myself over if I even want to keep the car, what mod I want next, if investing time and money into builds is a stupid idea when I have other responsibilities and dreams, etc. And just always worried my return on investment in my choices is going to be a letdown....

    It doesn't help that I live in an apartment with no garage and really no immediate garage/tool source at my disposal. I have a couple friends with garages but even then, it becomes an awkward begging game and they're still a 30 minute drive away. Additionally, I am most likely going to be packing up and moving to Asia in 2019 for about a year, which makes me wonder if I should start saving up now, or sell my car, get something practical, and wait it out for the next 10 months.

    I think the addition of a 4runner as a daily will help me really decide what I want in a second car. I REALLY want an e38 7 series or audi wagon, but don't know if I want to trade my 'driver's' car to lay frame in a boat. Again, can't decide

    More random intro stuff:

    KU Jayhawk alumni
    IMG_0320 by Alexander Hamby, on Flickr

    Work at a boring office job that I am about to leave but the future is bright

    Long term girlfriend and a pupper named Ace
    IMG_3849 by Alexander Hamby, on Flickr

    Other hobbies include photog, traveling, camping, and snowboarding
    IMG_4258 by Alexander Hamby, on Flickr
    Untitled by Alexander Hamby, on Flickr
    IMG_8081 by Alexander Hamby, on Flickr
    Untitled by Alexander Hamby, on Flickr

    I'd really be curious to see input on other people that struggle with, 1) not having access to a garage and tools and 2) constant indecision when it comes to building their cars, even when its small decisions such as mine. Thanks for your time guys!

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    Nice mini

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