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Thread: W124...what shocks or coilovers are you using with your air ride?

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    Default W124...what shocks or coilovers are you using with your air ride?

    Iím curious as to what everyone is using in conjunction with their front air bags? E36 coilovers? Bilstein B8? Koni?

    How low can you go with the B8 before damaging them?

    I read somewhere about using Ford Ranger front shocks on the rear......what year?

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    Use an OE shock or OE replacement along with R128 V8 shock mounts. The R129 V8 mounts sit higher into the bay so you'll get lower and still have full shock travel.


    1999 Ford Ranger 2wd front shocks fit the rear but you have to use the W124 bushing collar. HOWEVER, the Ranger shocks are going to limit the hell out of your lift height. I'd a shitty, double edged sword.
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    iirc, companies like koni or bilstein should offer custom services to shorten and re-valve shocks. surely if you contacted them they would be open to assist. there is also the option of hitting up a company like CAtuned and seeing if you could buy the shocks only from their w124 coilover set, those are extremely nice units.

    other than that, I've been a fan of koni sport shocks for quite a while. the rebound control is great.

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    So far we achieved best results with Bilstein B8 shocks on our bolt-on air suspension kits for W124. Nothing compares to Bilsteins... they are expensive but drives AMAZING.

    About damaging - I've heard some nightmare stories about Bilsteins... that they die in 20 000km or even start to leak instantly... but so far we never had such a problems.

    AND if Bilsteins are to expensive - good cheap alternative is Sachs. Those can take serious punishment and provide decent ride quality.

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