THATS RIGHTTTT I've tried a lot of different style of cars from civics to volkswagens, volvos, bmws, you name it.

I've realised what I realy like and dig is the oldies. The "what the hell is that thing" old. There is just something that makes you feel good about keeping these cars on the road.

I'm not gonna say what it is, I'm sure some of you can recognize it!

Here it is without any more wait

This particular model wasen't very popular at all in the states, and only sold for a short time. This one is a canadian car, still kicking it up here. They sold a few in Canada but most were sold in england. (hint hint)

I got the car for a good price with the engine out of the car, the PO wanted to repaint it but he got sick and couldnt work on it anymore. Since I aint got much time for it atm, I hurried the engine back in there to drive it a bit before winter hits. I've got big plans for this baby.

It's a 4cyl 2,1l with a whooping 68 hp. It shares the same engine has a tractor, the brand had a few other brands including a tractor brand. (HINT HINT)
This one is unfortunatly equiped with the autotragic transmission, but I plan to get rid of all the powertrain as soon as I have time to work on it anyway.

i just realised I aint got an interior pic with the bench seats lol. No seatbelt or anything, not worrying at all.

I've repainted the floor since then, I'll spare you all the pictures.

So long story short it's fixed it drives great and I'm enjoying it. It can do cool canadian things like drive me to tim horton and carry my canoe around.

As you can see, this car is tragicly high off the ground, and tragicly underpowered. It has a top speed of about 130 km/h. it's just enough to keep up with traffic and not be a danger on the road, but I'd like more driveability. (What? don't like 4 drum leg-powered brakes?? Or the power-arm steering??)

So yeah, my plan is as follow. It will happen mostly all at once when I have time to work on it. I'm gonna repaint it all inside out, fit an airbag suspension on it, and swap the heart for a TDI ALH with a TD mechanical fuel pump on it. You read that right.

I'm at an age that I know what I like and know what I want so I'll do this one exactly to my taste! The tdi seems a really good choice, first off I love a diesel, secondly, with the mechnical pump the swap will be quite easy as all the engine will be mechanical, like the current engine. No computer hassle. Secondly, the tdi stock for is rated at 90bhp and 150?lbs/ft or something. So it's not much more than original, so I'm hoping the rear axle will handle the new power plant. I don't want to put a powerfull engine and end up having to change the backend.

I know what your thinking, the tdi ALH is a fwd engine and I'm an idiot. You can buy an adaptor plate for it and fit a toyota pick up truck manual tranny to the ALH. Thats what I've looked into for now but if you guys know of any other adaptor available or some other swap where a TDI was used in a RWD configuration, I'd appreciat the input.

Still to handle the increased in power and in achievable speed, I will swap drum brakes for disks, easily retrofitable from a later model from another brand after this one changed its name (Hint hint).

Tell me what you think!