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Thread: 1978 BMW 530i Turbo

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    Default 1978 BMW 530i Turbo

    1978 BMW 530i Turbo $8500 obo

    I bought this car about five years ago from California. It was barely running and had not been registered since 1985. Actual mileage is 86,090. It has an original BAE turbo kit on it. The motor was supposedly rebuilt and from what I can tell that seems correct. The car was almost completely rust free when it arrived to me in Florida however the Florida humidity and rain has kick started the cancer in a few areas. Overall it is a clean car with very little rust. The dash was also perfect when it arrived but now has small hairline cracks starting in places. The paint as you can see in the pictures is faded but the car is very straight with no evidence of any crashes. It’s had annual oil services since I've only driven it about 5,000 miles in 5 years with Vr1 20w50 until last service I switched to Brad penn “green oil” 20w50.

    When I got the car running it was clear that the original motronic was going to be hard with the turbocharged motor so I converted it to Motronic 1.1 from an e28 535i. It now has 19lbs injectors, a WAR Chip for tuning, and a rising rate Fuel pressure regulator. I wanted to keep the engine bay looking correct so I kept the distributor and just gutted it. The car is now easily tunable and runs fantastic. It runs at about 9-11 PSI depending on weather and pulls strong. It is non-intercooled (if you didn’t notice) so I added a snow performance water/methanol injection kit to help keep intake temps down. You’ll see in the pictures the tank and pump are mounted in the trunk. It also has some really cool period correct aftermarket stereo equipment in it that I have unfortunately not had time to sort out but would be a fun project. Below are some of the items I replaced. I’m sure I’m probably missing some stuff. I’ve spent a lot getting this car sorted out and it’s been very reliable and fun. Email me at


    -New motor mounts and trans mounts
    -New Pads, rotors, rubber hoses, and calipers
    -New headgasket, valve stem seals, and all associated gaskets
    -Valves adjusted when head came off
    -Most coolant hoses replaced
    -Clutch replaced with M5 clutch
    -New ignition wires, cap, rotor, and spark plugs
    -New tires in 2015 with less than 3,000 miles on them
    -VDO Boost and coolant temp gauges
    -Innovate wideband gauge
    -Brand New Air Flow Meter
    -All the belts replaced
    -New battery
    -Front and rear shocks
    -Period correct Enkei wheels
    -Very good condition period correct steering wheel
    -New inner, outer, center tie rods
    -New front control arm bushings

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    I like the design of the car, but do not like the color of the car, I like the red car.
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    Red car?

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