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Thread: How low is too low?

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    Default How low is too low?

    Sorry if this has been covered, I cant figure out search terms for this conversation as all the words are too common.

    I was wondering how far off the ground your lowest part of the car is at ride height? Also, what part or where is it?

    I am trying to finish up my build and my exhaust, which is below my rear subframe and slightly in front of it, or maybe 18" in front of my rear tires might end up somewhere around 1/2" to 1.5" from the ground to the bottom of the exhaust tube.

    I would like my car as low as possible and I think I would be able to get it low enough so that the exhaust is 1/2" from the ground but that seems crazy to me. Seems like I will be bashing that thing on every gutter and pot hole around?

    I have zero experience with a lowered car so maybe I am over thinking it? I dunno. If you could, please let me know what you think I can get away with and not replace my exhaust every month.


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    If you are that worried about your exhaust, have it redone with oval tubing. I have had cars with the subframe 1/2" off the ground.
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    And how did your subframe work out being that low? Did it get bashed all the time or was it manageable?

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