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Thread: E46 Airlift 3P bouncy ride

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    Default E46 Airlift 3P bouncy ride

    I have an E46 with Airlift 3P management and Airlift bags and shocks.

    I have the dampening front and rear on -15 clicks and my ride pressure is 30f 60r, but the ride is super bouncy on certain roads and very harsh on imperfect roads.

    Can someone tell me if my bag pressure or dampening is off ? What would be a good place to start and adjust the ride? (Haven't touched the height on the shocks).


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    I drive an E46 M3 and my front pressure is 50 PSI and my rears are 70-75, with my damping around -17 front and rear. Play around with your bag pressure first to find what's comfortable to you, then play with damping and see what feels good to you.

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