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Thread: Bmw e36 touring from Glasgow

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    Smile Bmw e36 touring from Glasgow

    Hello all, I am Ross from glasgow, scotland.

    My car ownership was a vx corsa 1.2, vw polo 2001, vw golf gti mr3, audi coupe 16v, bmw 328 sport coupe and now a e36 328 touring. I have always modified my cars, normally alloys etc so nothing ott. From bmw ownership I have learnt how to get my hands dirty!

    I owned my bmw 328 sport for 6 years and loved it. Couldn't beat RWD six cylinder power. So I was hooked. It was an early sport so LSD as standard. Changed quite a bit over the years. Then it was written off (minor damage) to no fault of myself. Bought it back and then hunted for a very clean e36. The only point to meet were it had to be a 328 with good spec and no rust.

    Was wanting another sport but they all were in poor condition or the price was too high. Then I found this

    A 1999 328 touring se. No rust and one owner. Clutch broken and only one dent. Bought. It had 114k miles on it with partial history, m tech steering wheel, PDC, air con with duel climate.

    Added quite a bit to her. Almost satisfied

    And here she sits now

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    looks great

    I love Glasgow, I can't wait to visit again this winter

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    Good work
    Beautiful touring

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    I need one of these in my life. Looks great.

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    i have coupe but tourings to best

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