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Thread: That "CHOPTOP" - MB W115 / 1975

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeyRa View Post
    This is great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackandwhite View Post
    Amazing creativity there. Kudos!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dat_Yota View Post
    looking forward to see this thing come along!

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    Been working with the roof about 10 days, trying to get it as smooth as possible. With lines like this need to be very carefull because even 1mm will tell a lot with the paint on it.
    Itīs now full spotwelded and on itīs full place were it needs to be. Need to fabricate some support inside the car now but everythings good.
    I only have this one picture but I will update those pictures in the weekend with better ones.


    Also got some repair panels, been waiting these for a while. So left side rocker panel and left side quarter panel, trying to cut and replace the old ones in the last days on this year.
    I just noticed when i got the package that the courier have been maybe throwing or something the package because the quarter panel has a about 20cmx20cm low spott in the biggest area of the panel. Hopefully i will manage with that with small planishing. Time tells.
    So, when you look at the pictures, you see i've been welding the rocker panel. Where i did the cut and replaced with straight metal there's the place where the front fender should attach? Yes, no more with original attach place and no more with the chrome molding in the rocker. Need to weld those holes shut.




    Here's the updates for now, more pictures after the weekend when i get more to show. Also got some ideas with the rear doors, with moulding's and trimmin. Have to make some measurements and cut some more metal.
    There's everything for now, happy holidays everyone.
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    Soo second update for today! Damn. I promised to you guys that i will take pictures of the whole car outside when i got that to this spot, and now there's also snowing so i got the right time.
    Here you go.







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    So much win in one car

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    Been working with the Benz's rocker panels, both in/outside panels. As i told you i ordered beading machine last month. It did came to me just after christmas and been using that since then, trying to get it working with sheet metal. Lot of work to learn but i think i'm getting there.
    So first, i cutted all of the outer rocker panels on the left side of the car and placed the new one on with clappers. Fit pretty good, only need to repair few corners on the pilars because in the factory they were cutted too much near those pilar lines.
    Thought there wasn't much rust but after i did get the rocker out the thruth was different. The whole rocker panel was full of rust inside so both needs replacing. Here's one picture of what it looks like.



    Stupidy to think 42 years old car dont got much rust, even because these panels were replaced in the 90's! So i thought i will replace everything with new steel.




    Because i want to do as much as possible with myself this is what it looks like now. I don't own sheet metal bender so i have to do those bends myself and this technique what shows in the picture is quite easy, just needs much precise hammerin so it is really, like really straight. Rolled those panels with the beading machine, pushing those lines 2mm through the material and it's really tough even when i tryid to bend it.
    All those sheets are from 1.2mm thick material, old ones were around 1.4mm but because those bends hardens the rocker i think it will do the job. Those lower parts from the pilars i'm making with 2mm material, did those A / B pilars bottom parts already but didn't take any picture, but will next time when i got something to uppdate.
    In this last picture the rocker line is 1 inch from the floor, that is right line where outer rocker will be welded. And thats the line what i want to lay to the ground when the car is dropped.

    As you can see, i'm making only the first section between A/B pilars because that rocker is the only part now what holds those door frames on the spot. Need to be precise and steady when doing these.

    Well, that's for now. More updates as soon as i get the whole rocker done and more pictures to show you.
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    Damn bud that some really great work!!

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    Are you gonna keep the bare metal stock wheel look?

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    great job, I'm full of admiration

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    Good job so far! good luck with the rest!

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    Thanks for the feedback, that motivates moving forward with this build.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoweredSilverado View Post
    Are you gonna keep the bare metal stock wheel look?
    Not sure yet with the wheels, not with the bare metal look. Decided to paint it when all metal work is done, even the driveshaft needs some work because of the ride height. Got much work to do before even needs to thinking of the paintin.

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    This is how it ended last night. Got the outer rocker panel to its final place, not yet welded because i have to place the doors and check for the caps if it need some straightening.
    It looks like it's everything ok but we will see. Thats the next thing i guess. Also cutted the rear quarter from the car and placed the repair panel few times and checked it.



    This is how it looks inside and outside. I'm re-making those jack lifting spots because I want straight and good-looking line with the body.



    Last thing what I did was this. Cleaned the rear door placement from the old paint and made some measuring with the repair panel. As you can see from the second last picture, the repair in the 90's didn't go as it should. Almost 3mm bondo and the welds are pretty awful...Nothing hasn't placed straight, just welded. Much work to do with it.

    This is all for now, more pictures when i have spot-welded and placed the rocker and quarter panels.
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    Well, got the rocker panel welded together with the inner panel. Did a few measurements and then set it in the right place with clecos. If you have used those you know how usefull they are with the panel jobs!
    When the rocker was in it's place I lifted both doors in place and checked the door gaps and then welded. Only back door in place on the photos because it was easier to weld without doors.
    Here's picture of what I did first.





    In this picture I cutted those jack lifting spots, and I'm making those again with straight metal. Future lifting will be happening under the car, on the frame beams.
    This helps me lower the car as much as possible and the ridin height will be low as possible. Now the rocker line is just about 5mm from the floor when bags are laid-out.
    So somethin needs to be done with the frame in the future, but first these rocker and floor sections done.

    Here's the last picture, did 3mm holes first through both panels and then 6mm hole to the outer rocker so I'm sure that the welds are full through both of the material.
    Full welded in those door sections and about 15 spot welds bottom of the panel and it's hard as hell. I will be doing those welds 20mm spot to spot.


    So this is everything this time. I think when I got this rocker full welded I'm placing the quarter panel with some spot-welds and then start to replacing those door skins on both doors. Got the materials already just need to check that those body lines ( windows, chrome moulding etc) will be going the same line.
    Also tryin to get some ideas with the front wheel box because that whole case needs replacing.

    PS. If someone has original front fenders, new or used, i'm maybe interested. Pm me if anyone has those.

    Thats for now, updates in a week!

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    So in love with this build already. I grew up with my dad owning a custom shop where we did lots of lead sleds with chopped tops and slammed on the ground. It is always great to see someone doing the old school custom stuff!
    Custom is all about expressing yourself in ways only you can imagine.

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    I've been three weeks away from the garage, crushed my two fingers with hydraulic press so that's the reason, but now it's time to build some cool sh*t again.
    With my last post I got the rocker panel full welded and did some research how I will do the rear quarter and now the quarter panel is in its place.

    Here's couple of pictures of the process what I've been doing.

    In this picture you can see how I changed the look of the C-pilar, no more chrome trim with the lower alignment with the rear door and rear window. Also replaced the "free-air" holes with some straight metal with small hardening. Everything is full welded and on place, next step is to tin plating those welds. I don't want to use A LOT of bondo, so I'm doing/training old-school techniques as much as possible.
    Im not sure is it called tin plating or soldering? I hope you guys understand what I mean.

    Also got the rear door placement done, repaired the whole line with the quarter panel and the end of the rocker panel. Everything was full of rust and pretty badly welded, now it's looks a lot better.

    Now the rocker line is ready I started to visualize how to make the floor pans, this is one example. I need to do the floor from left rocker to the tunnel before I will start doing those rear repairs under the car because now the car is only together from the rocker panel so really need to harden the body before more cutting happens.
    These floor pans is made from 1.5mm sheet metal.

    So the quarter panel what I bought was pretty sh*t quality. Everything else was ok (after some planishing with hammer/dolly) but the chrome trim line was absolutely discusting. It wasn't straight at all and not in line with the door so needed to do somethin about it. I know I needed to replace both front fenders so that was the answer. I used the trim line from the fender, cutted it like the marking shows and welded everything together and thats done.
    Also, if you have seen w115 in front of you you can see the rear wheel arch is customized, arch has been lowered 20mm from the original and the arch line is more "rounded" than it was original.
    In my own eye that looks much more better now.

    This is how it ended last night. So now the quarter and the rocker is ready, next step is to start with the floor pan and the inner fender in this side of the car. Also I will post pictures how that tin plating will go, already did some few spots with that and it went pretty good.
    Now I have one week vacation from work so I really want to do as much as possible forward the Benz. Trying to document everything and update as much as possible with the process.

    Thanks for the interest for this build, really appreciate guys. Till next post..
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    great work

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    Loving how this is progressing. You do excellent work!
    PS. Do you mean you will be doing tinaus (= leading)?

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    Amazing craftsmanship

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    Hope your fingers are ok

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    Pretty much lost my motivation with the W115... Doing something what i can and got the time, nothin much happened. Only small stuff. Quarter welded and some leading done.
    Still, got somethin done! Been looking for years Mercedes W108 and now i got my hands for one, this one is museum registered. 280S from 1969.
    Thinking of air bags, nothin more with this car.

    Couple pictures of the car. Interior is mint, but don't have any photos. Will get it to you guys.



    Hopefully next post will be some working with the W115, till next time.

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    hey buddy! love what you were doing with the w115, i have not a clue why i never saw this post a long time ago....i hope one day that you finish it, would love to see the finished product. congrats on the w108!

    i wanted to do what you were doing with you w115 to my w108. nice subtle chop top to make everything look proportion with a slant in the rear roof, delete the B pillar, and a body drop. but i ended up buying a 67 250se w111 coupe that was a perfect candidate since it had alot of undercarriage rust from being in new york. owned that for about 6 months and sold it to make room for for a w112 300se cabriolet, recently got done bagging it, but i have alot of plans for it.

    i hope you keep this post updated!

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    Amazing work

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    So here's couple more pictures of the W108. Washed it yesterday and went to little drive because the weather was awesome. It runs like a new car, nothin to complain with the engine or transmission.
    No extra sounds anywhere, only some adjustment needs those carburators. Model is Zenith, dual-upright carburetors. Need to search some info about them.




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