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Thread: $2500 Work Rezax II 19x10 -30 19x12 -30 5x114.3

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    Default FS Nj Work Rezax II 19x10 -30 19x12 -30 5x114.3

    Work Rezax II
    19x10 -30 not sure what disk but it clears big brakes
    19x12 -30
    $2500 no tires
    $2750 with 4 Achilles Atr 2. 2 tires are new with stickers the other 2 have less than 500 miles
    Faces have a few chips
    Lips are in good shape but really need to be polished again
    One lip has a very tiny ding not a dent
    See Flickr link for all photos
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