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Thread: BMW E39 Touring Airlift questions

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    Default BMW E39 Touring Airlift questions


    I feel like I'm heading to the Airlift direction with my E39 530D Touring.

    I've heard that there isn't any bolt on kits for the Touring models but I found these:

    I just wanted to ask IF it actually fits the Touring models before I order AND, If it does, would it be good setup?

    Hopp any of you bag experts could help me, thanks!

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    Default page 700 shows the different rear suspension designs.
    Airlifts website doesn't show specifically say it works with wagons, and there are no dimensions in the manual.
    Shoot them an email.

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    Hey man, will you be using your factory compressor/tank/plumbing set up? Im curious if this is possible with cars that have a setup from factory.

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