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Ultimate Dubs 2014

George Pritchard

Ultimate Dubs: The first big show of the UK season. The target set by all to complete winter builds. The revealing of traders latest product lines. The weekend long partying. The start of car show season.

This was the first year that I had managed to attend Ultimate Dubs – I do not live far from the venue, so I had no excuses, really. Having not owned a Volkswagen previously is about the best I can come up with.


Jeremy Whittle’s BMW E28 is no stranger to the StanceWorks homepage; most recently, a writeup on his Air Lift suspension install gave insight to those wondering exactly how to get their vintage BMWs closer to the ground. Prior to that, we’ve looked at the hard work Jeremy has poured into transforming his E28 into something entirely unique. In all, Jeremy’s car has come a long way over the past few years, from bone-stock to one of the most notable E28s in the BMW scene today.


-Photos by Egil Håskjold-
It goes without saying that for any car enthusiast with a brand preference, (let’s be honest, we all have one in some way or another) the rare and odd-ball models and versions of our favorite cars are the ones we lust after. Perhaps it’s a car that came in a unique factory color, or there’s a chance it came with special body cladding.


Photos by Matt Dobre
Exploring uncharted territory in the car scene is always worth noting. While bagging Volkswagens isn’t necessarily uncharted territory, for Joshua McDowell, bagging his MKVI R proved to be a new adventure.
Joshua’s white MKVI follows in the path of his previous car, a white MKV. His previous car was clean and well done, but this time around he wanted to take things a step further.


A Family Affair

Mike Burroughs

We’re all here for one reason: we like to get our hands dirty. It doesn’t matter what kind of car you drive or what style of modification is your favorite; chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve been bit by the same bug the rest of us have. Sometimes our cars are built to the nines, and sometimes they’re hardly more than a set of wheels and a drop. Frankly, it doesn’t make a difference.

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